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Green Salt

seasoned salt by Food Sins
green salt by Food Sins

An easy way to impress is to create your own seasonings and let everyone use them freely at the table. I'll show some fast, easy and flavourful ideas.
It tastes so good it's almost a sin.

You'll need:

What to do:
Grind roughly the rock salt with a food processor or mortar and pestle and reserve.

Do the same things with spices and herbs (one at a time) so they are all of similar size

Combine them as you wish.

If you want to do just one type of salt just add everything on the food processor or in the mortar and pestle until they are of the same size.

You can go with classic and all purpose salt, garlic and black pepper, or try some variations like,
Celery Salt - great on pork roast, beef roast, vegetables, tomato or vegetable juices or to rim your glasses to make a killer Bloody Mary.;
Oregano Salt - great for pasta, pizza and all that is Italian or with sweet potato fries;
Onion Salt - to use on bread along with butter or cream cheese, over veggies, or as a seasoned salt for just everything;
Porcini Salt - nutty with an earthiness that is reminiscent of the white truffle salt, is great with risotto and chicken;
"Sel de Provence" - The perfect and delicate flavor of lavender is a perfect compliment to rub on pork roast, beef tenderloin, seared tuna, or roast vegetables;
Chilli Salt - to use with chili, tacos, and all mexican food or when you want some extra kick;

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